Sunday, November 13, 2016


// Off Shoulder Top & Skirt: Dresslink (here) // Hat: New Yorker // Choker: Zaful // Coat: Monki // Overknees: Lamoda //

Happy autumn guys!
Finally time for my favourite season of the year. Excited to throw on all the cozy sweater and coats. 
Nevertheless, it's been seriously cold this days. Not quite sure if we're in autumn or winter already! Hard to differentiate. 

However, as you can tell, my usual location spots contains clean and simple background but I thought as the leaves are falling and it's getting colorful out there I should do a theme related shoot right? Not a fan of too much color in pictures but I have to admit I really do like the outcome. Been also rocking off shoulder tops in summer a lot, so I styled it up the autumn way just so I can make use of wearing them for quite some time.

How you like it?

Much Love xx

Picutres by Sundus Photography
Edits by me 

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Squad-ting! .. but me kinda like always on the phone as per usual haha

// Top & Bottom: Forever 21 // Clutch: Monki // Cap & Leather Jacket: H&M // Adidas Stan Smith: Foot Locker //

Still remember me?
It's been literally ages. When I first logged into my blog a few weeks ago I honestly couldn't believe for a second that I've been off the blogosphere for about 3 months now. Shocking, I know!

All I can recking is that, I had uni break and then had to go through tough exams at that time (spent days & nights at the library) and then all of a sudden I ended up in Bavaria where I spent the most amazing week with the boy. First time being in Munich and also attending the October's Feast. Fun - I can tell! I'm not a drinker so to me it was kinda akward being surrounded all those drunk people who had the times of their lifes. But still did I had a great time. U gotta be openminded for new things once in a while and so I did.
So, basically, time flew like crazy and I haven't checked in with you for so long. Let me give you a short update: I'm still in uni hustling .. (yaay!), still living in Frankfurt, got a new hairstyle which you can check on my Instagram (here). Did my first attempt in sewing a lace closure wig. Did pretty well to be honest .. and well I'm now in a relationship which can partly explain me going all MIA. Don't be too tough on me guys!

Anyways, first period of fashion week in Berlin is of course over but I still had pics to share with you and my favourite look I wore. Just for instance, you might be seeing some summerly looks of me now and then on the blog coming up since I couldn't make the time to set up any posts while I was hustling and whatsoever. So don't think I'm all going cray cray posting summer looks whilst it's obvi' autumn. Favourite season by the way as you guys know.

Digging the look?

Much Love xx

 Pics by Moe Photography

Monday, July 25, 2016


// Crop Top & Pants: Monki // Leather Jacket & Boots, Cap: H&M //

It's been a while you guys since I last been real chatty on the blog. Where shall I start?! ..
I guess, being torned between the blog and uni is no new news to you. To be honest I do not have that much to tell since I'm spending most of my time in Frankfurt studying and now that I'm facing my last exam for this semester only on friday makes me go through a lot of feelings. Business Administration should not be underestimated! I've did it once at the beginning but luckily came back to senses and realized if I really want it to work - I need to put way more effort in!

Anyways, on my previous post about my highlights of fashion week (here) I promised to show you the looks I wore attending all those fashion shows. This look right here was my look one and let me tell you guys it was so comfy. I always try my best to wear something comfy since I know that I'm going to be stucked quite the day in my outfits. So there's a lot of outfit preps included beforehand.
However, how do you like the pictures?  I personally am in love.
Luckily, my partner in crime Samah and I were pleased to be having Vadim our photographer who shot us throughout the whole week. He surely is an amazing photographer. I'll link his facebook page down below ..

Hope you get to enjoy this summerly weather more than I do guys ..

Much Love xx

Pictures & Edit: Vadim Photography

Saturday, July 16, 2016


- I V A N M A N -

The designer Ivan clearly showed us that not only females can show off such "feminine", pastel/nude colors; men do too! I so felt in love with this SS17 collection. Everything is just so clean & bold which I like! Never been a friend of pinks but I would definetely consider walking down the street in one of those. I mean look at that pink coat!! 

- J U L I A N  Z I G E R L I -

Julian Zigerli's presentation was just another show I extremely loved during this season of fashion week if I have to name one. He originally only did menswear but now skipped to male & female. His show was anything but usual. He first came out himself (which usually happens at the very last) then let the models all walk down the whole collection first instead of doing the one by one walk. After that the models came out one by one with such a big smile in their faces which is very rare on the catwalk! Big plus to thaat! At the end of the show the lights started to turn off and all of a sudden the models came out basically in a row but with the lights off! The audience went nuts and started turning on their flashlights to at least see the collection .. funny to watch & I was guilty of grabbing my phone light to catch the looks too haha!

- V E K T O R -

Vektor oh .. Vektor! I just loved what he did. Everything was perfect to me. How the models where placed, his design and the theme of this collection. O P E N M I N D ED and other great quotes I loved! His design kinda reminded me of Yeezy with them cut outs, oversized outfits.
But how dapper are the sweaters right?

Definetely my three favourite presentations of this fashion week season. Until next time!
Stay tuned to see what I wore during fashion week in Berlin. Coming your way shortly!

Much Love xx

Photo KOWA-Berlin
PR Julian Zigerli